Vacancies: Post-doctoral Fellows for the Novel Entities Group

Earth Commission and the University of Toronto School of the Environment are excited to announce opportunities two Post-doctoral Fellows (PDFs) to join the core research team focused on assessing “Safe and Just Earth System Boundaries” for Novel Entities (ESBs).

Earth Commission paper second most featured in the media in 2022

In a hectic year for news, the Carbon Brief has compiled a list of the 25 most mentioned climate and energy-related studies in the media in 2022. The Earth Commission takes the number 2 spot with the paper “Exceeding 1.5C global warming could trigger multiple climate tipping points”.

Overshooting climate targets could significantly increase risk for tipping cascades, study finds

In a new associated paper of the Earth Commission an international group of researchers show that temporarily overshooting the climate targets of 1.5-2 degrees Celsius could increase the tipping risk of several Earth system elements. This tipping risk increases even if in the longer term the global temperature would stabilize within the Paris range. Avoiding an overshoot would hence limit the risks.

Earth Commission at COP15: Science for an ambitious Global Biodiversity Framework

The biggest biodiversity conference in a decade, COP15, is happening in Montreal, Canada from 7-19 December 2022. Government representatives will focus on agreeing on a new, 10-year Global Biodiversity Framework which urges rapid, cross-sectoral action to address and halt biodiversity loss. Here’s where you can find the Earth Commission at COP15.

Tipping Points Film Launched at COP27

“New Science on Dangerous Tipping Points” a mass communications short film by Earth HQ, the media arm of the Global Commons Alliance, held its premiere screening at the UN Climate Champions event “Repairing our World to Avoid Runaway Climate Change” during COP 27.