The Earth Commission is an international team of social and natural scientists engaging over 60 researchers around the globe, coordinated by its scientific secretariat hosted by Future Earth – the globe’s largest network of sustainability scientists.

The Earth Commission is the scientific cornerstone of the Global Commons Alliance, a growing coalition of scientists, philanthropists, civil society groups, businesses, and innovators, enabling collective action to safeguard the global commons.


The work of the Earth Commission provides a unified and integrated agenda for transformation toward a safe and just future for the people and the planet including the translation into local action by cities and the private sector.

In the first phase of the Earth Commission (2019-2023), the Commissioners, secretariat, and working group members developed the conceptual framework for analysing safe and just Earth System Boundaries and undertook empirical work leading to more than 20 publications.

In 2023, the Earth Commission published the flagship paper “Safe and Just Earth System Boundaries” in Nature, quantifying  the limits of the Earth’s resources within which the planet can remain stable (safe) and everything living on it can thrive (just).

These safe and just Earth System Boundaries are fast becoming the scientific backbone of the next generation of sustainability targets to help city- and business leaders as well as policy-makers access the opportunities offered by the safe and just space by better managing the planet’s finite resources. Read more about the Science Based Targets Network here.

Read about our first major assessment and access all our publications here.

The Earth Commission initiated its second phase in 2024, refining the boundaries including new safe and just boundaries for Novel entities and the Ocean, as well as exploring transformation pathways to a safe and just future. Read more about our workstreams.

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