The new Earth Commission workstreams, established in 2024, will refine the Earth System Boundaries and expand into new domains such as Ocean and Novel Entities. All workstreams take into account the complex interactions between natural and social systems, justice, and human well-being and provide a holistic people-planet framework.

Safe and Just Boundaries

This workstream will continue the work on refining the safe and just Earth System Boundaries (ESBs) on biodiversity, land, freshwater, nutrients, climate, and air pollution, and identify safe and just ESBs for previously unquantified Earth system domains such as oceans and novel entities. It will also assess the interactions between the different domains and develop an understanding of interconnected tipping points in the Earth system.

Transformation Pathways

System-wide transformations are necessary to bring us into a safe and just space and reduce risks of tipping points, disease, instability, and injustice. This workstream will generate integrated and holistic scenarios and models that can describe the multiple, possible, and plausible transformation pathways toward a safe and just future for the people and the planet, that respect the safe and just Earth System Boundaries.

Justice, Governance and Economics

This workstream will focus on integrating issues of justice, governance, and economics into the work of the Earth Commission. It will improve and develop the concept of no-significant harm and look deeper into what political economy, democracy, and power mean for safe and just Earth System Boundaries and the transformation pathways.

Translation, Actors and Agency

How can the available resources within the safe and just space be shared? This workstream will examine the scientific and methodological issues associated with translating the Earth Commission’s global assessments on safe and just Earth System Boundaries into science-based targets for actors such as businesses and cities. It will also shed further light on the interactions between such actors, their agency, and transformations towards a safe and just space.

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