Vacancies: Post-doctoral Fellows for the Novel Entities Group

Earth Commission and the University of Toronto School of the Environment are excited to announce opportunities two Post-doctoral Fellows (PDFs) to join the core research team focused on assessing “Safe and Just Earth System Boundaries” for Novel Entities (ESBs).

A just world on a safe planet: First study quantifying Earth System Boundaries live

Humans are taking colossal risks with the future of civilization and everything that lives on Earth, a new Earth Commission study published today in the journal Nature shows. Developed by more than 40 researchers from across the globe, the scientists deliver the first quantification of safe and just Earth system boundaries on a global and local level for several biophysical processes and systems that regulate the state of the Earth system.

Call for Nominations: Scientific experts sought for the Earth Commission

Future Earth invites nominations for new experts to join the Earth Commission’s second assessment. The aim is to synthesise the latest knowledge on Safe and Just Earth System Boundaries for people and the planet. Nominees should be collaborative, big-picture thinkers with a track record of working across disciplines and contributing to multidisciplinary collaborations. Self-nominations are accepted.

Remembering Will Steffen: A Pioneering Scientist with a Generous Spirit

Will Steffen passed away on Sunday, 29 January. A giant of a scientist, an impactful communicator, a diplomat, and a warmly remembered person. His work substantially influenced the international science community and society at large. His energy and collaborative spirit brought together the global change community across disciplines to understand and describe the changing Earth system. The Earth Commission builds on much of his work and is indebted to his legacy.