Vacancies: Post-doctoral Fellows for the Novel Entities Group

Earth Commission and the University of Toronto School of the Environment are excited to announce opportunities two Post-doctoral Fellows (PDFs) to join the core research team focused on assessing “Safe and Just Earth System Boundaries” for Novel Entities (ESBs).

Biodiversity Goals: Seeking Science’s Advice

Climate change has its well-known target of limiting global warming to below 2°C and pursuing efforts to limit it to 1.5°C. Is it time to create similar goals for biodiversity – the world’s diminishing community of animals, plants, and other organisms – or is nature just too complex?

Scientists Hold First Historic Meeting of the Earth Commission

Some of the world’s leading scientists gathered for the first historic meeting of the Future Earth-hosted Earth Commission outside Washington DC, pushing forward their plans to develop scientific targets to protect Earth’s life-support systems, like land, freshwater, biodiversity and oceans.

Director of the Earth Commission Secretariat Announced

Future Earth has hired a Director of the Secretariat of the newly-formed Earth Commission, a group of leading international experts tasked with synthesizing the latest science to underpin the development of science-based targets.

Peer-reviewed papers

Explore a complete bibliography of the Earth Commission publications from 2020 until now. The list includes Earth Commission peer-reviewed papers, papers led by the modelling workstreams (and associated papers), papers led by the biosphere and pollution workstreams, peer-reviewed papers led by the transformations workstream and peer-reviewed papers led by the translation workstream (WG5).