Working Group 5. Translation and Methods

Working Group 5 will examine the scientific and methodological issues associated with translating the Earth Commission’s global assessment into science-based targets for local-scale actors such as businesses and cities. The work will be developed in collaboration with the Science Based Targets Network.


Xuemei Bai, Australian National University



Anders Bjørn, Concordia University

Ariane de Bremond, University of Bern and Global Land Programme

Stefan Bringezu, International Resource Panel and Kassel University

Sarah Cornell, Stockholm University

Beatrice Crona, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

Fabrice DeClerck, Bioversity International and the EAT Foundation

Holger Hoff, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and Stockholm Environment Institute

Norichika Kanie, Keio University

Şiir Kılkış, Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey

Jianguo Liu, Michigan State University

Nebojsa Nakicenovic, IIASA and Vienna University of Technology

David Obura, CORDIO East Africa

Alain Vidal, Science-Based Targets Network

Gail Whiteman, University of Exeter


The working group is supported by staff at Future Earth and Australian National University.

Contact: Daniel Ospina,