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Working Group 3 analyses how changes in nutrient cycles can affect the stability and resilience of the Earth undermining the safe and just corridor for people and nature. The working group prioritises nutrient cycles such as nitrogen, phosphorous, or carbon; and studies their interactions with the water cycle and the rest of the biosphere.


Stuart Bunn, Australian Rivers Institute, Griffith University

Christopher Gordon, University of Ghana



Joe Alcamo, University of Sussex

Wim de Vries, Wageningen University and Research

Michaela Hegglin, University of Reading

Maheswar Rupakheti, IASS Potsdam

Xin Zhang, University of Maryland


The working group is supported by staff hosted by Future Earth and Griffith University.
Contact: Juan Rocha, juan.rocha@futureearth.org and Ben Stewart-Koster, b.stewart-koster@griffith.edu.au