Peer-reviewed papers

Earth Commission peer-reviewed papers

Papers led by the Modelling Working Group (and associated papers)

Papers led by the Biosphere and Nutrients and Pollution Working Groups

Papers led by the Transformations Working Group

Papers led by the Translation Working Group

  • Bai, X. et al.  How to stop cities and companies causing planetary harm, Nature 2022
  • Bai, X. Syezlin Hasan, S. Seaby Andersen, L. et al. Translating Earth System Boundaries for Cities and Businesses Nature Sustainability, 2024
  • Kilkis, S. Bjørn, A. et al. City-company collaboration as accelerator towards operating within Earth System Boundaries, Nature Sustainability, 2024

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The Earth Commissioners have volunteered their time to contribute to this work. The Earth Commission is grateful to several investors, who have contributed to the secretariat and supporting researchers’ salaries:

Global Environment Facility, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Oak Foundation, Porticus, MAVA, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Tiina and Antti Herlin Foundation, Global Challenges Foundation, Swedish Research Council Formas, Frontiers Research Foundation, Generation Foundation.